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My name is Alexey Malyutin.  From an early age I create short films and science fiction stories. Once, work on one of the projects, I realized that it was time to put them together in one place. So this site appeared.



Suddenly Roma realizes that he was trapped in a labyrinth of his own fears. Gathering his strength, he finally decides to overcome them.
"Abstrognation" (2021)
"In black, white and green" (2022)


 The Maker (2020)

William Nok dedicated his life to the study of The "Grove", but his unrecognized works gave away to the first who took an interest in them - Rudolph Bel, a simple guitar maker.
"Strings" (2020)
"No light!" (2020)
"Holder" (2020)

Mobirise Mobirise Mobirise


After 30 years, as the Earth stopped, life on the dark side did not get better, and Kassandra decides to intervene in the system to complete the work begun by her father.
"Im-Plant" (2019)
"Kass&Ra" (2020)


 A story about Magic Star (2019)

On Christmas Eve, brother and sister accidentally go to the North Pole to Santa Claus. He asks to help his save the holiday and stop the atrocities of Snowstorm.

Mobirise Mobirise Mobirise


Once a simple guy learns a terrible secret about his past and acquires incredible ability. Now he has to uncover the truth about the nature of his unusual strength and become a national hero.
"Dove-man" (2016)
"Начало пути" (2016)
"Обретение себя" (2019)


 The Adventures of Martha

A series of stories about the adventures of the girl Martha. Their events unfold on the eve of magical and fabulous holidays.
"Потомок Скупого Джека" (2016)
"История о Волшебной Звезде" (2016)


 Next Aim (2014)

A group of students comes to Murmansk to take part in the city game "Next Aim", but suddenly it turns out to be drawn into a dangerous mystical adventure.

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